Monday, October 8, 2012

The Directioner in Me

Like everyone else, I have my own fair share of how I got into One Direction.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of reality shows. Aside from the fact that I don't get to watch or follow them as religiously as other people, I'm not really used to hearing insults or harsh comments from the judges.

I got to know One Direction through my 11-year old cousin. (Yeah, that cousin of mine who introduced Big Time Rush to me two years ago. She really deserves credit for all these fangirling stuff I am into right now.) I found out that they are contestants of the seventh season of The X Factor, and what made me more curious is that they were all rejects as solo singers in the said show. Failing to progress as individual singers, guest judge Nicole Scherzinger suggested that they be formed into a band in the bootcamp stage of the show.

After the elimination of the other groups, One Direction (the name was coined by the awesome Harry Styles) quickly rose to fame in the UK. They ended up in third place upon the end of the show.

Who would have thought that these five rejects would form part of the world's most popular band today?

Once, my officemate made me listen to "What Makes You Beautiful", and I instantly loved it. The song was very catchy, and the lyrics make me feel so beautiful *flips hair*. After hearing that, I read about the band, watched their videos, downloaded their songs, and viola, the rest is history. When I found out that they're British, I was like, 'WAAAA I love the accents.'
Quite simple, isn't it?

My first impression of One Direction: A bunch of dorks. 

I proved it after watching loads and loads of videos of them fooling around on and off cam. They're look so friggin' adorable whenever they prank each other out (The four 1D guys ganging up on Niall is way too cute.), do those bromance stuff (Why hello there, Larry Stylinson), or just fool around. Having them as brothers would be totally cool, right? (How about having them as boyfriends? MUCH BETTER. ^^)

Some people say that the 1D fandom (and the BTR fandom) is only for children and teens, but who cares?

Then there's the never-ending series of fanwars between Directioners and Rushers (fans of Big Time Rush). Frankly, I sometimes find it irrational when Rushers and Directioners fight. Although it's quite inevitable, I sometimes find it immature when they push themselves to the extremes. This goes to some fans only. Big Time Rush and One Direction are very good friends, so why should we fight? Spread love, not hate. ^^ I am hoping for a collaboration between the two groups in the future. They're both extremely talented, and I love the both of them. If the two groups are friends, then why can't the fans be? (Although this is quite tough.)

They value their fans so much, and that's what I really like in a band/group.

I fell in love with them and their music, and I am so proud with what they have achieved in such a short time. Some people say that the 1D fandom (and the BTR fandom) is only for children and teens, but who cares? I will be here to support them on their way to the top. ^^

I think that's all that matters. :)

Marj <3

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