Friday, October 12, 2012

[SPAZZ] The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

In all honesty, this is the best One Direction fanfic animation that I have seen so far. Well, this might be the ONLY One Direction animation around here, at least.

If you are a Directioner, you should have watched this at least once in your life. I've actually seen this for god-knows-how-many-times already, and I still laugh hard like it's the first time I saw it. My 11-year old cousin loves it so much too! Her like love for Harry got stronger (Harry has been her bias eversince) because of that video.

So, who is the brain behind this awesome video?

Mark Alan Parsons.

Yes. It's a dude.

Quite surprising, right?

Mark Alan Parsons is an animator, and he made the 18-minute clip because according to him, he was "instantly smitten" by the group when he first saw them. Fanboys FTW! XD

He then created the cartoon, animated it, and tweeted the same to Harry Styles.
PS. This guy's really a genius, I swear. He drew it, wrote its storyline, animated it, directed it, and voiced it all by himself! *________*

He posted the video on YouTube, and like the infamous Gangnam Style, it went viral to Directioners. With over 12 million views on YouTube, this has to be the most popular One Direction animation around. One Direction has seen it, and they said that the might do the voice overs in the future. *squeeeaaallll* ^^

You can follow him at tumblr here ^^

And this fanboy is lucky 'coz he also got to meet the guys backstage on their Atlanta tour!

So the story goes like this....

The guys of One Direction turn into superheroes in order to save Earth's pussycats from the evil Lord Faptaguise. What makes this cartoon more interesting and amusing are the characters themselves! I just couldn't stop spazzing over the awesomeness of the script! *__*

The cartoonized version of One Direction are way too irresistable!!

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I cannot fathom how Mark is a heck of genius when he created those epic lines in the story. His impersonation of One Direction's voices was just awesome. It's just... plain hilarious and totally amusing! 

Here are some reasons why you should watch this cartoon:

1. Harry's puns, or awful puns, as Louis puts it + the instant ball hitting spree by Louis. YAY for Larry! ^^

2. Liam's twitter bio: It's on like donkey kong. ^^

3. Niall and Zayn's endless banter.

4. Harry's four nipples. XD

5. Niall and Zayn cross-dressing. (And then there goes the slapping again.)

6. More Larry bromance! :D

7. Psymon (I just love the name!) + Harry's pervertness and flirting brouhahaha. Hihihi

8. Paul McCartney's guest appearance

9. How Harry made the pussy magnet work by singing "Gotta Be You".

10. Zayn's quiff aka ramp, according to Niall. (And the bickering commences again.)

Wait, I just have to post these~ it's way too awesome to be ignored! XD

This must be Mark's basis for making Zayn's cartoonized version~


11. Harry's epic flat line when he saw that his cat is gone. XD

12. Niall and Zayn in briefs. :D

13. Niall swearing in Irish.

14. Louis actually using the word 'One Direction' in another way. :)

15. Zayn being stuck in the garbage chute. *_*

CAN I JUST SAY THAT I LOVE THIS ANIMATION SO MUCH? Now, whenever I hear "Gotta Be You", all I think about is...

What about this? Pure co-incidence? I think not. :)

Well, here's the summary of the whole cartoon in a pie graph. ^^

Makes sense. :D

Sorry for the long post! ^^

GIF credits: tumblr

Marj <3

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