Thursday, October 11, 2012

[SPAZZ] One Direction for Pepsi

*breathes in and out*


The guys of One Direction has just released their new commercial with football player Drew Brees for Pepsi. The head-to-head competition thingy between the quintet and Drew for a can of Pepsi was really amusing!

And you wouldn't believed what happened in the end. ^^

Here are some GIFs from the commercial. :)

GIF credits: tumblr

Fact #1: I totally LOLed at Zayn and Louis' facial expressions! *_* TOTAL DERPSSSS!

Fact #2: They're so friggin' handsome. OKAYYYYY??

Fact #3: I wish I was that Pepsi can. The way Harry held it was just too sexy. gkfdgjdhgiuhhhggjffeigf

Bottom line: THEY ARE JUST SO ADORABLE AND HOT AND asdfghjkl;' Now, excuse me while I go...

... and try to regain my sanity. :)

Marj <3

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