Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Harry's Hair Appreciation Post *_*

Aside from the exotic-looking Zayn Malik, Harry Styles is also one of the members of 1D whom I first noticed for the following reasons:

1. People said he's the face of the group.
2. People also say he's the main vocalist of the group.

I seriously think his curly hair had become his trademark. He just looks so effin' sexy on it.

And since I dreamed about Harry last night (some fragments are still vivid to me *_*), I am dedicating this hair appreciation hair porn post to him.

GIF credits: tumblr

Fact #1: Harry is one of the few guys that I know who could pull off a curly, messy hair and still look freakin' hot. ^^

Fact #2: I really think the line in "What Makes You Beautiful" which goes like~ "The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed~" perfectly fits him.


Marj <3

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