Monday, November 5, 2012

November 2012 is Juan Directioners' month

This month had a very good start, especially for the Filipino fans of One Direction (called as Juan Directioners) like me.

1. Little Things' MV was released last November 02 (November 03 here).
2. "Take Me Home" album release on November 12.
3. "Take Me Home" album launch is on November 17.
4. One Direction's interview on Startalk~ I always get giddy whenever they mention the Philippines. :)
5. One Direction on Myx Take 5
6. Ricky Lo's writeup on The Philippine Star about One Direction yesterday (November 04)
7. One Direction's billlboards for Penshoppe now out in C5 and EDSA.

So excited for the next few months! I am really crossing my fingers for a One Direction concert in my country soon! :)

Marj <3

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